A Morning Musume。’14 Hawaii 2014 Report

There are 6 parts in the article below…..

Part 1: Disclaimers
Part 2: The Pre-days
Part 3: Day -1: They Have Landed.
Part 4: Day 2: The Part You Probably Want.
Part 5: The After Show.
Part 6: Conclusions

Part 1: Disclaimers

This is not a tale of triumph, nor is it a sob story. This is a report of sorts of what some of us come Idols in Hawaii Time.

As a way to start I wanted to be able to set everything I can think of that is necessary to try to make sure the rest of this story isn’t misinterpreted.

I am not from Japan. I am not an FC member, I know people who live in Japan but am honestly not very close with many of them, especially in a way that I could ask them to invest a lot of money even in a temporary sense to support me in my fandom. I am from Hawaii, born and raised. I believe in the Aloha spirit, to be nice to the people you meet, to treat them well, to be respectful. I also understand and try to adhere to a lot of the rules of Idol following.

I am neither a rich man nor a poor man. I have had enough money that I could buy goods from Japan, I’ve kept up buying some of my favorite videogames through the years, while still keeping up with purchasing goods off and on since my “all in” joining of Momusu fan some time in 2006. In contrast I don’t have a smartphone, the only reason I got a tablet was because I am horrible at keeping track of folder paper for notes. Even in this state of financial flux my first trip on my own was to AX for Morning Musume. The first time I went on an international trip was to Japan for Gaki’s graduation. I try to do my part, pay my price, and make what I have worthwhile.

I admit I am human. I am weak, I do get jealous knowing that these things and people I love are further away than what appeases another person. I try not to let it bother me, we all have a price to pay for our hobbies and interests, but it would be careless to try to make off like I’m entirely without fault or jealousy. I would hope as you read this though, that you also understand I try to adhere to a code, to an understanding of respect as I do what I do.

That said, if I haven’t scared you off with this kind of flat and to the point disclaimer, keep reading , it might get more dramatically written as I go along ^^;.

3 thoughts on “A Morning Musume。’14 Hawaii 2014 Report

  1. That was a good read!
    And you did get at least a bit of acknowledgement from the girls for your work so, good job!
    It’s not exactly the type of volunteer work I imagined, buy every little bit helps.
    And, you’ve been doing it for a while now over the years so even if you don’t think you’ve done much, you’ve actually contributed to Sayu and the girls Hawaiian experience and made it better as things could get awkward if the Wota didn’t make it to the bathroom in time! :lol:
    So congrats on helping make Sayu’s final Hawaiian tour a special one… one that will stay in her memories for long time, and yours too I’m sure! :)

  2. Volunteering doesn’t always get the glamorous credits, though it still means something. There will always be someone who will think you’re barging in where you aren’t welcome, too. Don’t worry ’bout all of it. Solid work, thanks for the effort and for the read!

  3. Thanks for the writeup, Tou! I enjoyed it a lot!

    It’s good that you were able to see the concert!!! The security there is a hit-or-miss in regards to if you can watch, aren’t they… :/
    Did security give all the wotas a thorough pat-down like they did when I was on the tour? (^^;)

    I definitely have felt those good/bad “rubberbanding” feelings while on FC tours. The bad feelings were usually due to the depression from the event ending…
    Hopefully you can move out here to Japan sometime in the future — even if only for a temporary time!! =)

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