Thank you (;_;)

Thank you guys ♪


Yesterday (rather just a little while ago), I apologize for the apathetic blog posts m(_ _)m


It was quite late last night, and I had a lot on my mind


But when I mean a lot, don’t worry, it wasn’t anything bad! (b^ー°)☆


Anyway, reading all of your comments really cheered me on!


Stuff like thanks for working so late
or keep yourself healthy, etc


You guys stayed up so late too (;_;)


There were so many warm comments… really, thank you so much


Blogging is so fun~ (≧∇≦)


is what I was thinking, because blogging like this…
getting power and support from everyone (;_;)


is not something I could carry on by myself,
it’s something I want to do with all of us together…


Seems like I’m gonna be super addicted to blogging (*^o^*)


No! Not “seems like”
I already am completely ♪


I said I’ve fallen in love with blogging before,
but more than that, I’ve fallen in love with the kindness you have all shown me m(_ _)m


I’m so happy to have such strong support o(^-^)o


The title may say “Michishige Sayumi’s blog”, but it really is “our blog” ☆♪


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  1. Wish we could post comments to sayu to.. :(
    Id love her to know the we allsow cheer her on!!!!
    I m so sooo happy that you guys are transelaiting <3333
    Thanky you!!!!

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