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So I’ve been doing amateur blog translations since July of 2010, and before that I had been doing fansubs in some way or another. In that time I’ve always tried to make clear what my ideas of translations are and why I do things the way I do.

Translations v. localization is a hot topic in gaming right now. And for me personally translation v. other translations has been a thought in my mind with Aika working so hard to give you good translations with her skills.

And sometimes I want to talk about it more. Not just asking people what they want, but the whole thing, about why I do things the way I do, what I think others might want or be more comfortable with (with examples), and just in general the scale of translations I’ve formed in my mind from a Raw script to a localized interpretation.

But does that get readers? Would I be talking to nothing? I’m curious to know what anyone thinks on this. Any thoughts welcome.

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  1. Think you need to find the golden mass.
    Not too much info, nit to little.
    Example dont ve like those inazuma 11 enthusiasts that talk real world soccer tactics about the anime eventually drowning the listener to a superfluous flow of “interesting to them” but “simple jibber jabber to most” info”
    Keep it simple and it might catch on
    Although…i d really like to see it in video form mixed in with other peoples opinions and arguments like a decently polished ama doku
    And while we be on the subject
    A small ama doku about the trans of the early days of momusu videos wouls be sweet too
    Ok i get it some had issues with sacred being all “i cut you” like a backyard samu. But still i d enjoy it

    • Thanks for the feedback tatanka, I would like to talk with the other people I know who subbed for other things for feedback too! So it’s good to know someone would be interesting.

      I’m a bit confused what you mean about the ‘”I cut you” like a backyard samu’ scenario you speak of? Did someone say that he cut people out?

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