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Yesterday was ANGERME‘s Tamura Meimi-chan’s graduation concert!
From start to finish, it was such a fantastic concert I had goosebumps.






This for sure, wasn’t because it was a special “graduation concert”, because ANGERME‘s performance power and unity are amazing all the time, that’s what it felt like!


The love from all the members toward Meimei wasn’t half-hearted
Just feeling that atmosphere was fantastic.



MeiMei has her stern points too, but she seemed like the kindest of the members. Lots of words of gratitude came from the members.



Meimei’s cool look, and her child-like cute look, even now are lovely!!






Well, yesterday MeiMei sudden went you know,
「Actually I, love Mitsui-san!」 she told me.
Really going so far to say “Actually” was surprising! lol
MeiMei is a kind and good girl so she seems like someone who wouldn’t hate anyone but, again telling me 「I love you!」 like that, it’s embarrassing. But more than anything it made me really very happy!(lol)
I wanted to hear it more right away you know~~(lol)






MeiMei’s dream, it’s really cool, I respect it!
From here on as well I feel like I want you to do your best in your MeiMei like way! Cause when MeiMei performs I’ll be suer to go see it you know!





Really, a Job Well Done!!




And today my kouhai Suzuki Kanon is graduating from Morning Musume。’16.
With successive graduations, we can’t get our feelings sorted out but, it’s proof that Hello!Project continues to evolve huh!!






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