To Happiness…♡

2016-06-14 08:19:42








Last night, there was Niigaki-san’s wedding announcement huh!!
I was surprised♡♡


I know her partner Kotani-san too and, he’s a great, kind person


the other day they were in a play together too you know♪♪


They feel like a matching couple♡(*^^*)




The other day paly was funny toooo!! I like Nishida-san play, and I often get to see them and this time was anyother fantastic production!!
Niigaki-san was really cool!(*^◯^*)


Watching I DonDonDonDon steadily get the sense of it more and more, she’s becoming a fantastic actress, she’s amazing♡!!
And so it’s always fun going to see Niigaki-san’s acting♪
And, I look forward to it from here on too♪♪♪♡





The 2 of you
maybe you have eternaーーーーl happiness(*^^*)♡♡♡








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