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2016-07-04 20:00:38








It’s been a little over 1 year since I came back to the country from my study abroad.
In this year or so I’ve gotten to communicate with fans overseas, go through reports, and got to starting with Hello!Project members, and then into UpFront attached talents got to send out information♪
It’s been really fun.


From here on too I want to make use of English even more, that’s how I feel.
But, I’ve begun feeling that with how I am up to now, I still don’t have enough English speaking ability.
I understand grammar, reading, writing, listening I’m continuing to do it constantly even in Japan so, that’s fine but, speaking and chancing to talk, I don’t have many friends for it so,
It’s gradually ended up wearing down(T ^ T)
I feel like I want to talk more, to get to make use of it but, feeling irritated I started fighting against the steady wear away up as it is now.



I think my own English is certainly still at the level of a elementary schooler from those areas probably.




From around last month I’ve been thinking about thing slike that, I want to improve my English even more! I’ve come to
feel that way.


And, I decided!



I feel I should go back to New Zealand.


This time, maybe more than just studying, I want to try working and learning practical English!!




I thought about maybe going to other countries but, I picked the country I was use to living in… lol


I love New Zealand more than anything, I felt I want to go back again.


I still don’t know how it will go but,
Until I can understand it myself I want to do my best!!






Growing in one round or two rounds, I’ll come home!
I hope to be able to meet everyone again soon…☆☆



With that, I’m off (*^^*)!!



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