Have a Good New Yearー!

2016-12-30 09:33:52



Everyone, it’s been a while!(>_<)
How are you doing??



I’m doing well (*^^*)
I’ve made great progress with my english too, It feels like I’ve found a new me!
Actually I felt like I wanted to attend an NZ vocational school, so last month, I took a IELTS English exam!! I scored higher than the entrance requirements, I got a 6 so, I think I’m gonna attend next year!


Talking about what I’m learning… it’s cooking! In addition I’m learning hospitality and nutrition!
I’ve liked cooking for a long time but, I thought I want to learn it properly going to school so, I decided to do it!


Every day since coming to NZ, I’m making meals with my host family♡ It’s very fun (*^^*)♪ There are times that I’m still lacking too but, I very much like seeing the reactions from everyone when I make something yummy. lol
And, eating that together with everyone is a delight for me too. lol



Delicious meals are worldwide you know♪♪♪



This year ends tomorrow too (´・_・`)!
For me, without regrets, it seems like I’ll finish 2016 fun!!
How about all of you??




Let’s have a good 2017 too kay(*^^*)!!
To a good year〜!



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