The Year 2017

2017-01-11 12:44:10




Happy New Year鳥太陽




It’s this year’s first blog流れ星
If you are thinking of giving me anything as a New Year’s gift, please go and give me commentsピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートお年玉つながるピスケサッ






For the New Year’s,



I ate my the osechi and osouni my mom made照れ



The omikuji fortune slip from my first shrine visit of the year was just 『Fortune』えー



I saw the spoilers for what’s in the lucky grab bag on the net口笛



It was a New Year’s with that kind of feel to itおせち門松絵馬






The year 2017おすましスワン



For everyone I hope you have a fun, fantastic yearリボン



I also want to write about lots of fun, fantastic happenings on this blogリボンリボン



If you like, together…
Let’s have a fun, fantastic year気合いピスケ気合いピスケカナヘイハート




Please support me this year too星








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