Grabbing a bite →

Right now we’re inbetween photo shoots ♪


We’re all grabbing a bite ―(⌒~⌒)


And here we have leader Takahashi Ai-chan ♪
and Chinese exchange student Linlin ♪


Ai-chan and Linlin are always listening to music together,
sharing 1 set of headphones


A little earlier, Ai-chan, Linlin and I were all together
and Ai-chan and Linlin were sharing a headphone set
like usual and being very lively


So I was like
“Hey hey, um so…”
as I was talking to them,
but they had their headphones on so they didn’t hear me at all
so then I was like “I know, right?”


and I switched to a monologue (lol)


Nicely done if I do say so ☆
myself ★★☆☆

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