What’s This!?

2017-05-09 21:20:30



I ate Karl爆笑チーズ




Then you know,




Eh What!? This shape!!!!




I had that thought




from this!!
The one closest to the front上矢印




Eh, what’s this!?


Was there a mistake at the factory!?






Looking at it, it was Kerotai-kun, a chubby froggyカエル
[tl note: another shape for a different version of the snack]



Looking at it, it seems like a rare occurence that doesn’t often happen爆笑ルンルン




Yay! Luckyイエローハーツイエローハーツイエローハーツイエローハーツ





Well then, from here it’s a question!





For me,




at what timing did I eat this Kerotai-kun Karl!?!?!?もぐもぐ




Do you think I ate it 1st off!?




Do you think I waited until the very end and ate it!?





For the answerーーーニコニコ




it’s in the next updateパー


(Though I have nothing to pull it into)






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