2017-05-23 09:27:12



Starting the morning with a blog updateニコニコ






It’s talk about being in Osakaピンクハート




With the fairie role girls,



AーchanコアラKitabayashi Asuka-san
KiーchanヒヨコHorie Kidzuki-chan



with them you knowピンクハート








We went to eat someホットケーキハート







One, two…



three of them!!!上矢印キラキラ






For me, I ate the limited exclusive Earl Grey pancakesてへぺろ





They were




FuwaaFuwaaaa fluffy照れ





Normal panacake and,
ricotta cheese? pancakes too
Aーchan and Kiーchan let me eat a bite tandラブラブ




All of them, they were all really yummyラブハート







It was a fun, yummy time乙女のトキメキ






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