Beauty and the Beast

2017-06-08 08:01:30





Good Morning☀️🍭




I woke up early so, a morning blog ニコニコ





In yogurt, I broke up chocolate cookies into it and ate it, it was so yummy, this is a blog I’m doing while excited by that!!🍪








Well, the other day,
I saw the movie 『Beauty and the Beast』!!!!キラキラ




The Beauty and the Beast animation,
since long ago, I especially loved it among the Disney moviesピンクハート




The live action version was really great too…おねがいラブラブ




Of course, I like the music of Beauty and the Beast!
The song Belle sings while walking the streets in the beginning,
it really got me UkiUki cheery!!音符




There’s scenes that weren’t in the animation too, I enjoyed it ✨✨




Beauty and the Beast, it’s fantastic huhお願いハート



I want to see it again!キラキラ




I saw it with subtitles so, next time I want to see it dubbed too you know〜ニコニコ
And, movie theater popcorn is the bestニコニコニコニコニコニコ
(I’m overwhelmingly in the salt group!!)






Well then, I’m offピンクハート Have a good dayピンクハート






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