Hello there, It’s Kame, Kame-san here ~♪


Why are you doing something new? Kamei-san ♪ (lol)
That’s not your normal character is it? Kamei-san ♪ (lol)


Ahhh, Kamei-san is in charge of Morning Musume’s idiot department…
That Kamei Eri-chan is the one that also goes by the name “pokepokefuu~”


Eri is a very good friend of mine.. in fact, best friend
And as a fellow Morning Musume member of the same gen,
she has helped me out tremendously over the years

I have an enormous amount of respect for her and I think she is amazing
Her way of thinking, choice of words, and general behavior
are always all overflowing with kindness
She is so warm…
I love her ♪(≧∇≦)♪


But her usual self is very my-paced!
In general, she’ll leave things up to others,
like that pic of her pouring tea, you rarely ever see that!


So this pic here is very precious


You can even consider it an heirloom


And as an heirloom, I’ll be sure to truly appreciate
this precious pic that I took with all my heart


But even with such intensity in taking this pic,
aren’t we looking a bit calm here?


Ok! Deep breath!


Breathe in!


Ok good!


I’m so grateful!


I’ve got an heirloom!


That’s the sequence of how things went


By the way, whenever Eri pours tea for you,
it always tastes extra special and delicious ♪


As expected from Eri ♪
Having a cute girl pour ♪


Ah, although it was while we were eating our bentous
so maybe it was just because I was thirsty that it tasted extra good (^_-)


But as for whether or not the tea tasted better…


after a close fight…


the bentou wins ↑


Ahhh, me saying that after Eri went through all the trouble of pouring me tea,
I bet her eyes are starting to tear up (;_;)


But it’s ok
at least it kept my throat moist (^w^)


Now everyone, we’re in the dry season right now, so be sure to keep yourself hydrated ♪

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