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Hello \(^O^)/☆
Our single is on sale now ♪♪
Finally (^_-)☆
We’ve been singing it in front of you guys for so long
it felt like it took forever for it to be released (^-^;
The costumes this time are pretty aren’t they!!!
They really are like dresses ♪♪
The title is “onna ga medatte naze ikenai”,
but the chorus can apply to guys as well
I hope you’ll all listen to it
without strictly associating it for guys or girls only ☆★

Aika blog Aika blog

Did you guys know we’re doing a play? ☆
Theatre (*^^*) Yaaay o(^o^)o So exciting o(^o^)o isn’t it (”;) lol
These pics were taken during some stand-by time during the press conference ☆
We were messing around with lots of different faces for these pics (^^) lol ☆

Aika blog Aika blog

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  1. Anyone else notice Eri’s flipping us the bird?
    Peace sign cut off at an unfortunate angle? I hope so.

    Thanks for the translation guys!

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