Totally Straight

2017-06-17 09:29:17







Are there people who remember this????パー






I put it up on the blog when I was in Morning Musume。,
One of my favorites,
a giant bear-chan plushieハートハートハート








Of courseハート it’s still here now tooくま








It feels like it’s been a little more than 2 and a half years ago but
It’s toーtally big and toーtally cute乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキ乙女のトキメキ









And you know…



Did you notice????パー







My bangs, I cut them totally straightーーーハサミクシ
(Is that not much change?)







For my bangs you knowー, I’m always cutting it myself…






Always after cutting it straight across you know,
with the scissors length? Or the way I use it?
The tips get all BaraBara scaattered , and blend though!!





Weーll this time



Cutting it totally straight



I focused when I cut itガーン








Occasionally having totally straight bangs isn’t bad either huh〜!?イエローハート






that’s what I thought♪





Moreover, if it gets bad having it totally straight, I’ll focus on that, and go with the length of the scissorハサミ





and, thinking that, for now, it’ll be done straight across〜ニコニコ








Well for me,



『Aa, I, have straight bangs huh.』



Thinking that, I went through the days but




『Hey! Your bangs are straight huh!?』




Not 1 person has talked about it like that so




That’s not something that should get written in the blog probablyー huh!!





But you know…






I wrote itハートハート







For reading it, thank you yahハートハートハートハート





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