I Loーve It!!!

2017-07-09 07:08:35






Yesterday, we safely, welcomed our finaleee!!




Starting with 3/19’s opening day…



Well, in all it’s 51 performances!!キラキラキラキラ











Once again it’s an amazing number huhh…ラブラブラブラブラブラブ





For yesterday’s finale, during the last greeting, even I was surprised by how much everyone’s voices were shaking and it seemed like we’d end up crying 💦



I need to properly express my feelings! Feeling that I endured it butニコニコ







Just a little bit, please let me say it on my blog tooピンクハート




For Sayuminglandoll this time,
Graduating Morning Musume。, and taking a break for about 2 and a half years, it was my rebirth performance.




It made me realllly nervous.



What was I nervous about? you say?…



Aーll of it!! lol





With meetings for the performances, basic lessons, goods shoots, performanec rehearsals, recordings, when we announced the schedule, when the performance title was announced, approaching the opening day…and, opening day! and all that…




Lots of other things too,
it aーーll made me nervous! lol




Opening day,
I was veーry nervous standing stage,


The audience watching over me warmly, at the same time I felt that same nervousness with me…




At the time,





Aa, we’re the same huhハート




We’re nervous together huhハート




Feeling that, I got peace of mind you know.





On stage for the first time in 2 and a half years, on my own, I had gotten nervous but
Aa, that’s right, everyone’s feeling that together.


That’s right you know, we’re people who always have feelings together aren’t we?




They were waiting for me huh.




I’ve gotten to see everyone again huh.




It reaaally made me happyピンクハート






of you waiting for me,
I wanted to get you to think,
『Ooーー! That’s Sayu absolutelyーー!!』




After having my rebirth there were those of you who were worried about me
『I want to come again yahーー!!!』
I wanted to have you think that





With each performance, with the feeling that it’s a match, I stood on stage.



My spirit ended up in a strange direction
so I’d get turned around too but…


At times like that, I just rushed forward, more and more ! I’ve gotta try my best, and the extra had me spinning more though💦





But each performance in it’s own way,


Today, now, being in this here spot, I’ll treasure this sensation of these feelings with the audience! I did them thinking thatラブラブ




Really, 51 performance, all of them were fun you knowラブラブラブラブラブラブ




Getting to see everyone’s smile really made me happy!!!!!!ハート







For the 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Saisei~』 performances,
Really a lot of you were a part of it.
Really truly… I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart.





Not just the stage, with the audience in the venue I feel we aーll are making 1 Sayuminglandoll, I liked thatハート




That feeling of unityキラキラ



It was joy!!!!うさぎ






Of course fo rme, I like song and dance,
I like performing in front of all the fans,
more than anything, I love all the fansハート




Really, for the warm cheers, and support
thank you so much!!




『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Saisei〜』 we welcomed the finale but,


I look forward getting to see everyone againピンクハートハートピンクハートハート






I loーve itハートハートハートハートハートハートハートハートハート




















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