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Reminiscent Talkニコニコ





The Tokyo performances venue,
Cotton Club-san♣️❤️




Every day, the food was yummy you knowもぐもぐナイフとフォーク




Dressing room meals were so fun, every day was UkiUki cheery with everyoneバレエ






They were selling it at the venue too so
we could be eating the same things with all the fans, that part still makes me very happy you knowピンクハート照れ



It’s not just the stage, we get to share in the things we’re eating too,爆笑ピンクハート







They prepared desserts too…ピンクマカロンマカロン


It was so yummyラブラブ




Their service spirit was amazing, I really respect thatキラキラキラキラ







And for the daily special drinks,
Every day it was stylish and yummyハイビスカストロピカルカクテルさくらんぼ





And for the daily special burger,
Every day with that volume, it was the bestハンバーガーハンバーガーハンバーガー










The food is good of course, and
all the Cotton Club-san staff were also
nothing but really kind people 😭💓





For the Cotton Club-san venue, the stage and the audience seating were very close,
Having returned and soon after, gotten to meet all the fans close like this, that made me happy,
The 2 and a half years I couldn’t see you all felt like they were filled in an instantハート




With that close distance,
Getting to meet eyes with everyone aーlot made me happyラブ





Getting to do my Saisei at Cotton Club-san
I’m so glad!!ハート







And the final day,
I got presents from Cotton Club-sanえーんラブラブ









For anything and every thing… truly thank you so much!!
The Cotton Club mug is cuteーーー照れコーヒー




I’ll use itキラキラキラキラ





For the masking tape,
I said in an MC that I was gathering masking tape! Hearing me talk about it they got me some as present 😭




The moment I saw the masking tape,
I was so happy I ended up bursting… (lol)




It’s already been put it in my masking tape collection boxラブ








From all the cast and staff too,
I got presents and lettersキラキラキラキラ




Truly, thank you so much!




There were lots of happy words in the letters, that made me very happy!!!!





Truly thank you so muchうさぎ音符





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