Up Until I Finished The Deskpad

2017-07-17 10:09:15



『Up Until I Finished The Deskpad』



Sayuminglandoll goods,
ハートCute Deskpad Partyハート
let me introduce it to you up until it was finished kay!? lol





First off, a rought draft…




“A picture with this kind of feeling, I should balance itー”
Baーーー I drew this thingニヤリ下矢印






Properly coloring it,
It’s completeー爆笑爆笑爆笑
Or that’s just what I thought!下矢印



But in the end it was rejectedえーん下矢印


As for the cause of it’s rejection….



The contents of the lower right notebook
the real 2 times table I had drawn was big I thinkーーー lol



Oh no, for example,
If a child was really going to bring it with them to school
having the real answers written there they’d get scoldings maybe!?
I thought that…アセアセ lol (It’s just an example story though…)




After that, the color pencils if I had to say, there’s parts of the finished one that look like Coupy ones




The stars⭐️⭐️⭐️
I had them scattered about but,
Stars, here!? It might have felt like good as a deskpad for the person who did it alone
with that point




There are places all over the thing where the colors run!




it ended up bothering me
I ended up redrawing itーおねがい lol lol









And, well! The real thing!
While drawing it, my hand got tired (lol)



The version when I took a short break (lol)






And andーー!!!!





And like this,
without trouble the cute deskpad party was completedハート








The original? and meニコニコ
When handing over the picture for the deskpad to Manager-san



『Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it great?
Please take a picture!』



in high spirits I got my picture takennnnラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブ


lol lol




Cute Deskpad Party
Everyone use it kay照れ照れ照れ




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