Art Aquarium 2017

2017-07-26 19:21:04



I went to Nihonbashi’s
Art Aquarium 2017イエローハートピンクハート




I went before too,



was it about 2 years ago??



I thought so then I tried looking for it



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It was 2013!!!!




Four years ago!!!!✨



It didn’t feel like that much time has passed so
It was surprisingニコニコニコニコニコニコ





Even so, blogs are convenient huh!!!!キラキラ




『Art Aquarium Michishige』



Looking that up it was the first hitニコニコ





This time the one I went together with was,



Morning Musume。’17’s Iikubo Haruna-chanひまわりちょうちょおとめ座ハチハチハチハチ




Harunan you knowー,
she invited meイエローハートイエローハートイエローハート




Even up to now, she’s invited me for meals and stuff lots of times but,
Our schedules didn’t really line upアセアセ



For the first time in a whiiile I went out with Harunan〜〜〜ひまわりガーベラ





The Art Aquarium exhibit’s








Anywhere you look, goldfish!!!!





Well, I went to see goldfish so, that’s just how I expected it though!





Even so, there were goldfish!!!!















Occasionally there’s clownfishウインク




But of course goldfish〜〜!!!


Hanging scroll of goldfish,
it’s real goldfish!!!!✨




It’s amazing huh.金魚





It’s fantastical, a beautiful world✨


Art Aquarium, it was reaaaally funラブラブラブラブ




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