2017-07-28 18:09:17





Today too,
is hot huh〜太陽太陽太陽




When it’s hot, I end up dazed out you knowショボーン
Like this!↑↑



Even though I’m saying it this! Just being seen in this way



I’m not dazed there for any particular reason you know♡ lol






Well for this time,
I had the feeling that I want to dance音符音符音符




with Morning Musume。 songs
I wonder if I can remember any of the choreography〜!?




I thought about itーニコニコ




What song am I dancing, do you know!?!?




Dancing, or more than that, poses but笑い泣き 






Occasionally there are day where I feel I want to dance you know!!!!





By the way today….





I wasn’t that far (lol)ハートハートハート








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