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Today, I went out with a friend, it was really funラブラブハート





it was a pretty unlucky day!!!!!!







First off,
I went to a curry place with my friend for lunchカレー



Even though I was hungry
even though the curry was yummy
for some reason I couldn’t eat much of itアセアセ



E, what!? Summer heat fatigue!?



I thought, rushedニコニコ



But, I took the curry shop’s naan home with me so it’s okay
I felt like!!!! From my heart, it’s safe!!!





And, after that, with my friend we headed twoard the sticker place that was our number 1 goal today ラブ




For that, that, we were WakuWaku excitedピンクハート




How spacious could this place be you thinkー!??


What kind of stickers do you think we’ll come acrossー!??


like thatハートハートハート












They were on vacation….




It’s stupefying right?!





Stupefying. I thought, “well it’s gonna be like that huhー笑い泣き




Why didn’t we go look it up properlyー


even though we’re the type to look things up before we do it…


just so happend today笑い泣き笑い泣き笑い泣き



I thought it but well…
it can’t be helped that we ended up like this now!



Renewing our moodてへぺろ


we moved on to another place音符音符音符



after having some tea with my friend at a cafe,




All right! Let’s got to the next placeー!!!



We headed out when












WHY YOUUUU!!!! That’s how I felt but




In the building we had tea in there was a stationery shop there so we went there
and saw the stickersラブラブラブラブラブラブ




There were 2 sticker sets I wanted there you know!



Bug stickers and


Puffy owl stickers



I was really not sure which but,
I felt like for today let’s go with 1!
and I picked and bought the bug stickersーおねがい


Yaーy! Summery, it’s the best ‍♀️


that’s how I felt,


then I said byebye to my friend



and thought I should head home but.




A, that’sー right. The rain you know.



so thinking that,



I bought an umbrellaー傘傘傘 a 500 yen one!




I bought an umbrella, raised the umbrella, then the wind blew, and the umbrella broke.








I didn’t even have it for 30 secondsえーん




It’s really deformed, it didn’t really fill the role of an umbrella but,
you waited so long to be bought, and if I had just not opened you today, umbrella, I’m sorry. I regret it more than anything so, with your role as an umbrella being filled 0, I went home while getting wet holding you. And yetーーーー




If I was gonna get wet anyーーーway
I should’ve just outright bought the puffy owl stickers I wanted with the umbrella money
and from the start go home while getting wet




I went home while constantly thinking about thatニコニコ





Well it was like thatニコニコ




I say unlucky but



Looking at it having written it out, it was all things that were my own fault huhーニコニコニコニコニコニコ




Next time,
Being careful with controlling my physical condition, I’ll eat lots of curry


For suer I’ll look into the places I want to go before hand


And I’ll do what it takes to not lose to the wind (?)






The result is that it was a day that will connect to the next good dayラブ



The time with my friend was really fun you knowウインク





For reading this long composition, thank you!!
lol lolハートハートハートハートハート





Everyone, with the rain and the wind, are you okay??






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