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It’s hot today too huh!!!!?


Everyone let’s steadily keep hydratedー!!








And you know!
Already on this planet they’re selling Halloween things!?


So earlーーーy!!




August just started though!!!




But I immediately ended up buying someハートハート



Halloween 🎃 stickers 👻




Pictures, the left is the stickers they had at the Halloween corner



The right stickers, where they were placed, it wasn’t hte Halloween corner so
they aren’t necessarily Halloween stickers but,
they are Halloween-ish and cute, so I ended up buying themおねがいピンク音符ピンク音符




They were just 100 yen anyway!




Seria-sama Thank you so muchおねがいおねがいおねがい







This blog’s beginning past series of pictures



Are pictures of me that look summeryラブラブ




With the feeling that Halloween is approaching I pasted them up at once波浮き輪金魚おばけおばけおばけ(lol)





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