Of Course Yah!

2017-08-08 20:49:23



The bread pictuer I had in the last blog was a picture I did myself (one of, so many…)



Olive oil was delicious too but
the pasta was yummy too!!!!ピンクハートイエローハートピンクハートイエローハート







Laughing (lol)






Looking at pictures, my hair in the back is kinda, curling huh…おとめ座




I’m always looking from the frong and it’s straight so I think it’s okayてへぺろ but,
from here, I should make it properly straight in back too!!






And you know!
For this picture you knowー, it’s me from about 2 weeksーニコニコ






Me now you know!


My bangs have grown quiteー a bitttt!!!!


For a picture of my bangs grown out, I put it on my insta so look there kayーピンクハート





Should I cute itttt!!??



That’s kinda nostalgic huhハート



Long ago too, I’d often have my bangs grow out and wonder if I should cut it



I feel like I asked everyone on my blog






[tl note: Unfortunately I didn’t translate this blog due to personal issues back then ^^;]




[tl: Our Translations Here]




…Of course huhーーーー!!!!!!(笑)






I don’t change do I?てへぺろ




But this feeling!!


It’s still good 😭ラブラブラブラブラブラブ






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