2017-09-12 18:48:37



The other day you knowー



The snack ⭐️Ottotto⭐️



it’s been a while since I’ve eaten them




Those, Ottotto, they have Doraemon OttottoEmoji





I eat it while looking at each shape butEmoji





well, there’s a mystery shape….




And well that is, it was a ⭐️secret⭐️!






First, 『Yayー! It’s the secretー!』 when I took a pic of just one





Big sis 『There’s one more!』



Me 『Eh!? Amaziーng』



Lining the 2 up I took a pic



Big sis 『Ah, another!』



Me 『Eh… such a rare chance huh!? lol』




that’s how it turned out 爆笑





The result, 3 secret ones came upニヤリラブラブラブラブ




That’s quite a lot coming out right!?ニヤリ




That’s lucky isn’t itー!?!?てへぺろ





Either way, of course having the secret show up makes me happyハート







It’s just surprising you know, cause it’s exciting you know!!ハート









By the way, this secret, I thought about what the shape is but….


I have no idea at all…



In the end I just looked it upー💦






those of you interested that can’t tell what itis, please look it up kayパー




By the way, looking at this angle,



『Aaーーー!!!! For sure it’s thatー!!!!!』
that’s how I feel about it💡




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