Chinese Nabe?

2017-09-23 18:10:44






A little while back I ate sama, mackerel pikeーーグリーンハートブルーハート




The fall appetiteイチョウ



that, even though it’s really properly handled



The fall readingイチョウ



recently that’s calmed me down……




No good



I need ot properly read books!!!!



For now just the amount I’m buying!



Just the amount I’m borrowing from friends!!





And, I’ve already had onabe, hot pot, a couple of timesー!
Fall, I past it and went to winter foodブルーハーツブルーハーツブルーハーツブルーハーツ




With my friend, sesame soymilk nabe鍋
With Kamei Eri-chan, Kimchi nabe鍋
With my family, Chinese nabe鍋






What, what is Chinese nabe!?




You thought that?




I thought that




When my mom said
『Tonight we’re having Chinese nabeー』
to me




I went, “What, what is Chinese nabe!?”!




Hearing Chinese nabe,


The only thing that came to mind was those big chinese frypan🍳 things!!
[tl note: Chuukanabe, the word Sayu’s mom used, also means a wok]



Isn’t it just normal cooking!?
That’s a wok.




I didn’t know so,
and so you know, I wonder what it could beー, being WakuWaku excited about it dinner happenedハート







In the soup, sesame oil was plenty apparent
and ample vegetables
And not at the end, but from the start, there’s raーmen in it!!



… Chinese raーmen!!!????





But well, the taste was light ish…



『Well try putting shoyu in itー!』



and so



I ate shoyu raーmen



The taste was still light I thinkーー and so



『Well put miso in it tooーー!』



and so



I ate miso raーmen too




The result, eating various flavors of raーmen, it was really satisfyingハートハートハートハート




Onabe is the best!!ハート




This winter too let’s eat our fill〜ラブ



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