Idol ♪

Good morning ☆♪


Are you guys awake yet??


Well if you woke up just now, you probably wouldn’t go straight to this blog (lol)


So for that question, I already know the answer
You don’t need to reply to that in the comments (lol)


But I am very grateful to have your comments, so please please leave one O(≧∇≦)o


Thank you so much for always leaving so many comments ♪
Please continue to support me on this blog and magazines and
tv shows and my hair styles and my face and my clothes and
during concerts and during events and on songs and
on singing and dancing… and my thoughts and my aspirations and
thanks for any advice or pointers on how I can improve myself!!


And everyone, please continue to listen to what I have to say (^_-)♪


But seriously, for that “Are you awake?” question earlier, don’t respond to it (lol)


Because it’ll be full of like


“Yeah I’m awake ー(^O^)”


and “Since I’m commenting… obviously yes I’m awake, are you ok? (¬з¬)”


Blogging has kinda become a morning thing I do though m(_ _)m


Anyway ummm, as an active Morning Musume member


I have an idol side as well! ♪


For today’s breakfast
I had the cheesecake that Kamei Eri-chan brought yesterday ☆
Eri hand made it ♪☆
Amazing (^O^)
It’s delicious (^O^)


Also many thanks to her for letting me borrow a CD ♪


When she gave it to me, I just threw it in my bag
and it kinda squished the cake (>_<)


Eri’s cheese cake is excellent though (o^∀^o)


Eating cheese cake in the morning is such an idol-ish thing to do isn’t it ♪


Alright ♪
Today I, Michishige Sayumi ♪
will go full out idol today (≧∇≦)♪☆


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