2017-10-30 14:26:46





You knowww…
Chibi Shikaku-chan… I couldn’t find it at all…..




Even going to bookstores that get 5.6 of them, they were aーll sold outアセアセ




Maybe it was an illusion….😭


















I said that!!!!



I thought that!!!!!



Then the other day on LINE from a friend




『Chibi Shikaku-chan…!』




They said! With a picture of the Chibi Shikaku-chan bookキラキラキラキラ





Immediately I asked 『buy it buy it!』, so I could read it soonピンクハートFinally! Seriously at last! We did it! Seriously did ittt!!! I’m looking forward to it you know照れ
















Up to this part,
I had written that a little while back,



and I got it!!!!!



Chibi Shikaku-chan 📕【1】
[tl pic text:
Chibi Shikaku-chan
You thought it was Chibi Maruko-chan but you were greatly wrong!!
Chibi Maruko-chan creator’s self parody]
[tl note: Chibi Shikaku-chan = Little Square-chan, Chibi Maruko-chan = Little Circle-kid-chan]







As for my thoughts on it!




OOーーー 😭 Shikachi-chaaaaann 😂





Shika-chan! I’m giving my support to Shika-chan 💞!!
I love Shika-chan! We’re allies!!!!




ハートハートSakura Momoko-san,
I love you!!!ハートハート










(A story about this picture. It’s me from 3.4 days agoー! My bangs are getting long, my bangs have gotten long, at home I put it up with a pin, when I tried taking the pin off it flowed pretty good so I took a picture just like that〜. How is it?? lol)




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