I Watched It Too!

2017-11-17 08:08:01



Good Morning 😃


Yesterday yah, I said to everyone, 『By all means, please watch it』 for 『tiny tiny』、





I saw it too but






I saw it but
















hair from behind is really UneUne tangly wasn’t it???









UneUne or perhaps I should saーy, messy BosaBo…






Even though I properly used a hair ironーー




Even thenーーー




That’s how I felt 😃






Did it bother you?




Anyone not botheredー!?✋




Haーi, haーi!




I, was really bothered!





Just me!? It is huh…









My hair, I just looked at it from the front,



And it was like, “all right! It’s okay \(^o^)/”



I felt it was like, “Well, that’s no good” ❤️
I reflected on it ❤️





But but




but you know





I get to come back again as a guest for net week’s 『tiny tiny』 too






We took it at the same time as the one that went up yesterday so






It’ll probably be UneUne too❤️




Look forward to that being there too yah…❤️





Seeing it from the front looks great though huh…







Ah, you noticed!?




The picture is pretty much as the same as I put up yesterdayーーー❤️ lol lol





Well I don’t really have many pictures from this day you know 😭




Well then,
next well too
when I put up the blog that says 『watch tiny tiny kayー』
you want me to put up a new picture right?




I got it yah,
right now I’m holding back 爆笑







I ate yogurt, let’s do our best today with energy tooピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート




I’m off ❤️ Have a good one ❤️








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