2018-02-16 19:00:41











It’s been decided that I’ll get to be a AnMILLE-san 2018 S/S’s Catalog modelリボンドレスハイヒールポーチ






Thank you so much照れ





Yesterday was that shootカメラ音符






AnMILLE-san clothes, it’s just aーll cute照れハートハートハート





The shoot, it was fun yahーーー!!ピンクハート







On AnMILLE-san’s twitter too
they put up offshots so, please check there tooラブラブラブラブ










I wear lots of cute clothes,
and I get to do lots of cute shoots so
please look forward to it’s completionリボンふんわりリボンリボンふんわりリボン


The details will be announced laterガーベラガーベラガーベラ















…I can’t forget a bustour picture (lol)
1 entry 1 bus picture is a rule after allパー






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