Haruka-chan and Kokoro-chan

2018-04-15 23:51:50










Good Evening🌙




Today too, for the fun fun performances thank you so muchハートハートハート




I sweated my fillアセアセキラキラキラキラ







Well today,
Kudou Haruka-chan came to see us!!!!!イエローハート


She gave me the Wittamer chocolate I love!!!
Thank you照れピンクハート




For the first time in a while I met with Kudou but,
Meeting with each of us being Morning Musume。OG ended up feeling kinda mysteriousニコニコ




She was a pretty, mature Duー照れ照れ






Hello!Pro Trainee Maeda Kokoro-chan also came to see us, we took a picture togetherー!!!ラブラブ


Oh my Kokoro-chan!


Such a small faceeee!!!!ピンクハート



(The 2nd time in today’s blogs… lol





Small face and long legs
And her smile with just a bit of innocence left to it was also cuteラブラブラブラブ








Well well,


For the portion, the fiーll! of sweat I did 💓



I replenished myselfキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ











Waーーー it was all yummy…


the corn potage was so awesomeラブ



Aa, but!
The potato salad dogs were yummy too,
The Earl Grey Ice was also wonderful!!!!





That said!!!!!


I’m really very full lol


Even now… lolてへぺろ








if my face is swollen, with Dry Ice (the popular name for the ice packs (A topic from today’s 2nd MC.)), I’ve gotta cool my faceウインクピンクハートピンクハート










ピンクハートSAYUMINGLANDOLL performancesピンクハート



Osaka performances are taking applicationsバレエ鏡リボン




M-line club  3rd stage applications





Hello! Project NEXT2nd applications






I’m waiting for you kayハートハートハート









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