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Right now I’m eating potato chips (^^)/★

Aika's blog

Everyone be sure to keep up your energy to fight against heat exaustion with helpful items too~!! You can’t lighten up yet\(^^)/

Anyway, last weekend was the concert ☆★
I’m really good friends with C-ute’s Hagiwara Mai (^^)/\(^^)
It’s like we’re always together ☆★
We’re really close friends (^з^)-☆
Here’s a 2shot with Mai ♪♪

Aika's blog

Well I’ll see you again this weekend \(^^)/

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  1. Aika and Mai, two of H!P’s top 10 cutest members became best friends! Kawaii~! But I wish she had written more, I love reading her blog and seeing the pictures <3

  2. Potato chips! Seeing Aika with a chip makes me want to go eat some now. o.o

    aww Aika and Mai! XD Would that be Aikai or Maika? yeah yeah i know, laaamee….XD They’re so adorable! and best friends? a major plus. ^O^

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