Hayashi-sensei ga Odoroku Hatsumimigaku!

2018-08-06 11:02:04




Good Morning〜晴れ
Every day, it’s hot huhショボーン
I hope we don’t forget to keep hydratedブルーハート
Summer Heat Fatigue・Heatstroke, please be careful kayアセアセ






Well, an announcementウインク



On 2018/8/12(Sun)’s broadcast of


MBS 『Hayashi-sensei ga Odoroku Hatsumimigaku!』 [tl approx: Hayashi-sensei’s surprisingly learning something you heard for the first time], I’ll be appearing!!!!




We recorded it the other day照れ


Nervous〜💦 I really was but…
it was a very fun recording!!ハート



Thank you so much照れ





『Hayashi-sensei ga Odoroku Hatsumimigaku!』


On Airピンクハート



By all means, please watch!!!!!!










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