2018-11-05 21:18:28




Good Eveningニコニコ星空



Today is,
ABC Radio
『Takeda Wakako no Pitatto.』


I got to appear liveーーピンクハート




It was fun!!!!!!
It went by in such a flashー!
I wanted to talk even moreキラキラ
Everyone who listened, thank you so muchピンクハート
Everyone who gave letters, thank you so muchピンクハート






I’m indebted to them
Takeda Wakako-san, Echizen’ya Hyouta-sanキラキラキラキラ


Thank you so much!!





Today, other than the radio


In Kobe〜Osaka


I did lots of interviews キラキラ




I drank this between, it’s tapioca☆


It’s the bestー!!!!!!ラブ
Thank you so much!




Anpanman was thereラブ
Cute 💓






The interviews I did, the article,
It seems it can come out at any time so, by all means please look for them kay!!!!✨











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