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Today, I went to see Oomori Seiko-san’s live!!!!


『Kusokawa PARTY』


It was an awesome party!!!



Oomori-san’s live,
up to now, I had just seen videos, always watching the videos, I constantly thought I’d want to try going!!
Today was the first I got to go, I’m really glad I got to go.




From the first song
it was a song I love so I was excited ❤️


Each song was fired up and tender
Oomori-san is on stage but, I got the sense like she was right beside me or rather… I can’t really put it into words well but, it’s like she was singing next to me!



At the MC,
Oomori-san saying after hte bus tour, she had all kinds of things and she ended up eating a lot, it was cute, I loved it!!!!!
It didn’t go smoothly for me either, I got all Waーー, but we’re already adults so I feel like I can’t write about each and everything though you know lol
But every day there’s all kinds of things, there are really uglyfeeling days too, and today, I couldn’t do my bangs well but, including that I did all of it myself though, feeling that,
That Oomori-san sang all her songs, she told me,
it really made me happy.
Oomori taking htoes words and feelings and putting it in song is really impressive.



Being soaked in the lingering memories…
it was funーーー!!❤️







before starting and after finishing
She had my album, that made me so happy!♡










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