2018-12-17 00:23:32




coming home from Hong Kong just like that I went to Nippon Budokan!
I went to see the Morning Musume。’18 live!!




I was told that I wouldn’t make it in time but
I’m really glad I made it in timeeee!!!!!






Morning Musume。
they were cool!!✨
IkiIki lively! KiraKira sparkling! And, KireKire sharp❤️







Iikubo Haruna-chan!💛
Harunan, congratulations on your graduationハチ黄色い花ハチ黄色い花




Harunan was lovely…



Her look of course but
I love harunan having that pretty and warm heart, once again I felt itピンクハートイエローハートピンクハートイエローハート





From here on with Harunan’s new path
I’m supporting her from my heart!!!














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