Rune Collabo♡

2019-03-23 15:49:39




This time’s
My loved!
Naito Rune-san, getting to do a collabo with them really made me happy!





“Some day, I want to be a Rune Girl like I adore too!”
I thought that so, my dream has come trueまじかるクラウン


Getting to do collabo!
That being decided



I wonder what kind of Rune Girl I’d be!?
thinking about it
I lined up the loーーーーts of Rune good I had at home
This girls look is cute!
No, I want to wear this Rune’s clothes too, I want to wear htis too, I want to be like this,
Ehーー what should I do!? I want to wear it all! Rune Girls are cuteeeeee
I was really not sure but
that time was realllly fun too乙女のトキメキ




Once again
Naito Rune-san’s illustrations even in their details are really fashionable yah,
up to now even looking at the illustratoins countless times, and looking at it again I discover new things that are 『cute』 it’s really amazing ❣️




Not just the outfits,
there’s lots of images and goods too!
Getting to do a collabo with Naito Rune-san was a joy 😭💖💖💖


All of it is a treasure!!!!
















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