5 Years Since My Graduation Announcement!

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The day I announced my graduation!!



Since them it’s already 5 years huh〜?







I announced it at the live at my home area, Yamaguchi prefecture yah〜



No matter what I wanted to announce it at my home area you know
because it’s the place I was born and raised of course,
Always for my home area lives looooots of fans rush in for me, and the whole venue is in pink so, I wanted to do the announcement in that atmosphere.



Of course I feel like there are lots of you who couldn’t come no matter hwat but…
I had the feeling that even for just a bit I would want to tell an important announcement for myself to lot sof my own fans directly.






It was DokiDoki heart-pounding doing it yah…
But well everyone firmly listened to my words, it was calm or rather it felt reassuring, even now I remember it.





And, now too,
everyone’s existence is, really assuring!!!


Everyone is here so, I can do my best at any time too!!!









Those of you who have liked me from Morning Musume。 time
thoes of you who since I graduated, and since I came back, and recently have come to like me too
everyone, everyone, really thank you 💗💗💗💗💗
Getting to meet everyone, it really makes me happy! It’s a joy! I love it!











I wanted to put up this recent picture but,


I still can’t put up the outfit so,


it’s done this way 😘











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