Sense of Accomplishment

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Good Evening





Oh myーーー!!!!
Now you know










the sense of accomplishment




is amazingーーーー!!!!!!




Now I want to show everyone right away but









I gotta hold on!!!!!!







It might be self-satisfaction though yah, lol




I want to show everyone soonーーー💗 Look forward to that time, (I’m looking forward to it! lol













Me today.
Today was HaroDora recording tooー!!キラキラキラキラ




With Kasahara Momona-chan, Funaki Musubu-chan!!照れ



The excitement from the 2 of them was higher than usual!? it was funnyハート
Listen to the broadcast too kayハート










And, and, video from yesterday’s Viva la Pop!
is being distributed for free on GYAO!ハートハートハート






ピンク音符Loneliness Tokyoピンク音符




I got to sing the collabo with Oomori Seiko-san






The live,
it was fun yahピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





By all means please watch it over and over kayおねがい












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