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Good Eveningーーーキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ




Today was a proper?
Make-up day 💄
I love putting on make-up but, I’m just not good with the eyelash curler… (The hard worked on eyeline falling down after I curled it makes me sad…) Recently, I’ve been doing make-up where I don’t do make-up for my eyelashes all the time but
Today I even did my eyelashes tooーピンクハート
The pictures, I don’t have my eyelashes up at all though. lol







And my bangs have grown ruーnルンルン
I seem like I’ll cut it soon though. lol lol
Well, it’s curling and the flow is bad isn’t itー I feel like that!? And I don’t feel like thatグラサン
Depends on the day.








I talked about make-up and hairstyles but!




The make-up products💄 and
shampoo rinseおとめ座 and stuff I usually use,
it’ll be in my 7.13 releasing personal book soハートハートハート



For that, by all means, if you check that ♡ I’ll be happyうさぎピンク薔薇花束









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