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Looking at my picture folder yah


I gathered a lot of pictures I haven’t put up yetttt




And it getting that way
I’ll put them up yah??ラブラブ


(Even if you said that’s no good! I’d put them up anyway! I asked yah lol










The pictures you know,
split into folders,
among those 1 is
『Blog, Insta』
there’s a folder for thatー!
I have pictures in there I want to put up
for pictures I put up, as I do it I erase them from the album but



I have lots of meal pictures(lol)


And so, this time I’ll send out a meal editionキラキラ




(There’s totally picture’s I put up but forgot to erase them from the album! There are pictures seen before too probably!! Sorry yah 🙇‍♀️)








From quite a bit ago
A meal with Big sis-chanーナイフとフォーク
Quite a bit ago, it’s about 2 years ago(lol)






This salad 🥗↑ I really like it!
On the baby leaves they had kanpachi and tai on top with olive oil and salt on it thoughサラダサラダ





Basically, Sis-chan in the kitchen,
Me 『What can I help with〜?』
Sis 『Nothing〜』
even though she tells me that




Me 『What can I help with〜? (Well for sure it’s nothing right ^_^)』
Sis 『Ah, can you put olive oil and salt on the salad?』
being told that







I got really nervous lol lol




I wonder if this is enough on itー, Is that too much? Is that too little??
I don’t know at all!!!!笑い泣き



I get like thatうさぎアセアセ










Continuing on
One time, the Michishige household was all really into it
this bomb!
This occasionally


『Sayu-chan, mix this』


getting told that just mixing it makes me pretty nervous照れ照れ照れ




It’s fun mixing口笛口笛口笛




When my arm gets sore I pass the batonてへぺろてへぺろてへぺろ









Roast beef salad!!









And, this, I really like it!
The garlic toast Sis-chan makes when she makes italian!!!!!!
I could keep eating it all my life, that’s how yummy it isハート








Ah, you noticed??↑This is my making! lol lol


Mayonnaise cheese breadイエローハート










My grandma-chan’s meal when I went back to my home areaピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


This is, 1 person’s worth(lol)
Ah, the salad is shared of course though!





I like this set!😭


The meat
mentaiko spaghetti
white rice
sashimi (with lots of squid)
grilled fish
and clear broth!!!




Grandma-chan, she always prepares lots o of the juーst the stuff I like 😭😭😭
Aaー, I want to see her 💗










That is! This one is around now!


Putting up lots of this stuff I put up before, sorry yah… 🙇‍♀️






I still haven’t put up these this time (I think) I’ll put up the pictures all at once,
I’ll do it kay!!!!!!ピンクハートI can yah??
Next time I do it it’ll be thing other than food(lol)




This too, it’s a self-shot from some timeールンルン










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