2019-06-08 22:22:10







For the first time in a while I went for motsunabe!!!!


It was really very yummy…!!!!


Going for shime and noodles
with even more zousui
and even eating dessert


I ended up really very full



For the first time in a while I had gone that far



On the way home, I couldn’t get ahead at all…






Even finding the tapioca place I love



Seeing it on from the side of my vision was all there was to it!!!!









But we did go into a Purikura place you know!
I took Purikura yahキラキラ
I just like Purikuraー yah!!!


What’s this pose! lol





Purikura really seems to get me energetic yah
at the time, I had said it earlier too but
I really really was full, it was bad lol lol








After that, we walked a bit and my stomach got a bit better yah
I said shall we drink tapioca too?ー
and we entered a cafe but


The store said they didn’t do tapioca at this time 💦
so we ate friesコッペパン
It’s yummy yah, fries, I can eat them any time♩









Then I noticed,
I was sinking
lol lol



But, it was just a moment!? lol
I feel like It was taken in the single instant I slept!!
When you get full you end up sleeping right!?










Yummy food is a joy yahピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート










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