2019-07-01 15:45:34


Michishige Sayumi 2nd Personal Book






Wanibooks-san 🐊 special preorder
(Lottery Signed book for 100+ 1 raw photo)*The raw photo is for everyone



Is going until today 7/1(Mon) 23:59!!!!









For sure!!!!









Just one
I’ll give you an off shotーピンクハート







In the book
I introduce・unveil 30 things I love… and so
it’s 1 among those.




A picture I took on location at a 『Place I Love』ブルーハートブルーハート







This location
for sure







I wanted to go to that place wearing blue clothesー!


I was fixated on it音符音符音符





That said, where is it, do you knowー!?





The personal book for sure, look forward to itラブラブラブラブ












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