Well now ☆★


Tonight at 10pm
“Downtown DX”


Morning Musume’s
Tanaka Reina-chan ★
Junjun ★
and myself Michishige Sayumi ★


us 3 musumes will be appearing on the show (^_^)v


I took this pic with Junjun during our recording session!


This time, the three of us wore matching checkered outfits ♪


The show itself was full of laughs and of course very interesting!
Please check it out


And if you could check out our matching checkered fashion on the side
I would be most thankful ♪♪


And now ~♪
Some very very fun work!!!!


I’m very much looking forward to it, but I’m also very nervous…


When I get the OK that I can tell you guys, I’ll do so right away
so please wait!


Well, more like I just wanna brag about it (lol)

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