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Good Afternoon!!!



I announced it on Insta and Twitter but, on the blog tooピンクハート






OCN Mobile ONE × Michishige Sayumi,
Has begun星





From today, the 20th (Fri),


The 『Ii Sumaho wa, OCN Mobile ONE。』[tl: A good Smartphone is OCN Mobile One.] Campaign starts!!


For a limited 16 weeks we’re delivering a special project but,


I get to be this campaigns character!!!!!!ラブラブ


My selfies and movies are being released tooハート Wa〜 DokiDoki heart-pounding huh!?






Upped today,
it’s movies グラサンハートピンク音符ピンク音符



Genic Movie 【Michishige Sayumi × OCN Mobile ONE】/ 15s Ver.





Genic Movie 【Michishige Sayumi × OCN Mobile ONE】/ 30s 




#1 Using a wall as a reflector 【Michishige Sayumi × OCN Mobile ONE】



Watch it lots kay!!!!!



I’ll put up offshots爆笑ラブラブラブラブ


The location, it was reaaaaally fun yahラブラブラブラブ
It’s a peaceful and…✨ fantastic location!




And a self-shot securely taking on my own smartphone too!🤗







OCN-san’s instagram will be releasing weekly selfies so please follow it!!







From here on too
please look forward to it kayうさぎリボンリボンリボン






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