SAYUMINGLANDOLL!6th Gen’s 17th Anniversary!

2020-01-20 10:09:14








January performances






9 Days in a row!!



Really, every day was such a delight 😭💕💕💕




I love singing and dancing
I love the time I have together with everyone
point being,





Yesterday’s last day, 1/19 was,
The 6ki member’s 17th anniversary day!!!


It ended up feeling like some kind of fate流れ星




17 years ago, I became Morning Musume。


I graduated, took a break, came back… and now…



With the timing of somewhere in these 17 years of time
with the timing of each and everyone of you fans
you’ve found me
you’ve come to like me yah 😭💕💕



It’s amazing right…



That’s just amazing yah!


I’m so happy yah😭


Really, thank you always!!!!!!



Please continue to give your support in my 18th year too ❤️
From here on too, let’s have lots of fun together kay♡♡♡♡♡











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