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『YOSHIKO-sensei HaroPro Choreography 20th Anniversary Celebration
team445 Damiー Fes.
〜20 Years Since 「Kiiroi Osora de BOOM BOOM BOOM」☆
Episode Digests From All 494 Song’s Choreography〜』


Yesterdya, I went to see it!!!! 









was cool 😭💕💕💕




The stage, YOSHIKO-sensei,
and all of team445’s love, it was overflowing
My goodness, that really came through,
I was moved to the core!





The choreography that change and got shelved…



For sure in progress there were lots of changes so,
I thought, I had seen it once but I wonder if I’ll see choreography I couldn’t do for the first time in a while〜??…



There was lots of choreography I didn’t know too
Ehーー!!?? There was more even before that!? Really it was originally this!?!?
I was surprised‼️




all of team445, it’s really amazing!!😭





After that you know,
when they were explaining the choreography that ended up shelved
『For me, these choreography parts were some of my favorites you know♪』
YOSHIKO-sensei’s playfulness when she was talking about it is something I really liked ❤️
really, everything was fantastic…❤️






There lots of performances by Sayuland members too so, I couldn’t take it all in〜!!!


Kitabayashi Asuka-san!
Horie Kidzuki-san!




My Birthday live Dancer!




The moment we meet we got all Kyaーkyaー💕
I love everyone so much yahh💕💕💕





All the guests were quite fantastic ✨



All the guest Morning Musume。’20 too,
of course they were cool!!
All of them doing LOVEpedia was especially cute〜!!!
That intro where the members go Baaaa and drop with just the 3 new members dancing is amazing you know😭
It was cool, got me kyun!💕💕💕




And… as a surprise Tsunku♂san!!
I was surprised‼️
From Tsunku♂san’s provision song, Tsunku♂san’s entrance…!
Handing out chocolate… seemed so fun! lol
And of course it’s Tsunku♂san! The way he enters until the moment he leaves he shines, it was amazing yah〜✨✨✨







A〜 really


I’m glad I got to go!!!


YOSHIKO-sensei, 20 years, really congratulations!!!


And, from here on too, let’s support each other!!ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート










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