2020-03-26 18:11:14



4/4〜4/12’s scheduled 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Kibou~』 performances held at COTTON CLUB,
due to circumstances related to harm from infection by the novel corona virus have been postponed.



The exchanged dates are 6/27〜7/5.


For details please look at the SAYUMINGLANDOLL official homepage. Please give us your support.




The bus tour, continuing into the two-man with ZOC,
it’s really unfortunate, I’m filled with loneliness.


The exchanged dates are scheduled but, depending on your schedules there might be those of you who can’t come then too.
Thinking about that of course is sad but, I’m hoping for the timing to be able to meet again at ease, away from the current state of things.




I want to stand on stage soon yah
I want to sing and dance yah
and more than anything I want to see all my fans yah 😭


Even separated I’m always seeing everyone’s comments, everyone’s presence is supporting!


Really, thank you always…!!!












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