2020-05-20 22:36:57




Good Evening〜




Lately, I’ve been



Doubutsu no Mori (aka Animal Crossing)



alongside everyday living!!!









“I wonder if there’s Animal Crossing like emoji?” I tried typing in the emoji place,
There’s lots that are like it, it’s exciting








And then,


I’m getting to do remote meetings


and remote interviews and stuff too




I’m looking forward to the next ones yah







My bangs
they’re growing
my hair in back is growning too (Grown and cut




“For my bangs, I think it’s a chance to grow them out a little like this!⭐️”


there’s days I think that,


“Aa! I want to cut them! I’ll cute them tomorrow! Myself!”


there’s days I think that,


“They’ve really seemed to grow huhー!!!?⭐️”


there’s days I think that,


“I cut itー! I will cut itー!!!!!”


there’s days I think that too




The result of that back and forth,
They’ve grown quite a bit. lol





If I cut it I’ll make an announcement ❤️


With that, later





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