Birthday Event

2020-06-24 21:36:35


Michishige Sayumi Birthday Event 2020〜This Year’s is the Eve〜



Has been scheduled!!✨



It’s scheduled for,
The day before my birthday!



I’m happy!!


Already, for 30 year old me, I might not get to see everyone huh 💦💦


There was a part of my hear that was thinking that so…



and so, I’m happy!!





Just, in this situation, I think there’s lots of you who can’t come too…


Thinking of that, I’m really sorry.


And, please don’t do anything unreasonable kay!
This isn’t the final day,
More important than anything is that everyone can be happy and healthy, smiling from here on too!!






For myself, I’m grateful we could hold the event
I want to use all my power so that it can be a wonderful event!



Please give us your support💓





Shinagawa Intercity Hall
1st show⭐️14:30〜
2nd show⭐️18:00〜




MC is Kitabayashi Asuna-san ❣️



6/30 (Tue) 17:00, that’ll be the deadline!
Please give us your support






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