Dream ☆

I’ve finished all my work m(_ _)m


I guess today was kinda a hard day? But it was
absolutely terrific ↑♪


I met the world’s
Becky Cruel-chan!!!!!!!!!


Becky Cruel-chan is
a big internet hit
She is a 14 year old British girl who loves to dance


I love Becky Cruel


Lately I’ve been watching her videos on my laptop
and her DVD as well


And so today!


We met (≧∇≦)


Oh man!


My heart is pounding


Her cuteness goes beyond what you can see (>_<)


Meeting Becky Cruel-chan, who I love and is so cute, was like a dream (*^o^*)


Was it just an illusion…


Well… it felt all cloudy and white…


Well, that’s fine though!


Because I was able to get a 2shot with Becky Cruel-chan (>_<)


I asked her to do a heart mark with me!
I guess that was a bit shameless of me… now that I think about it…
But, iya!
I win for getting a pic!
A heart sign together with Becky Cruel!


As for this blog
I’ve alwaaaaays wanted to blog you know!


And I stubbornly would not give up on that idea
Now I’m glad I kept saying “I wanna blog” ↑


I’m also glad I said I like Becky Cruel and I wanna meet her ↑


I had heard it was always good to talk about your dreams and aspirations
but now I really think that’s true!


Dreams don’t just stay as dreams


When you talk about them, and put some effort in, many doors open up
And never giving up, that is very important


I mean because in reality today,
I was able to meet Becky Cruel-chan, who I love and is so cute
I wanted to blog this right away so you guys can all get the message


I’m so happy


My dreams turned into reality…


Today Becky Cruel and I did a photo shoot for FLASH magazine
and had a cute conversation!!


Please ☆ check it out ☆★


I still have some more pics, so I’ll up them V(^-^)V




Hot huh! Becky Cruel-chan!!!!


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  1. waaaah. Can Becky speak Japanese? I think I saw a few of her videos on youtube. I didn’t know they actually brought her to japan. If this is what it takes to meet Sayu.. I’ll do my best to be suuuper cute so Michishige-san would like me as well! I shall not lose to Becky! ^_^

  2. ^ she knows some words, like many fans of Japanese stuff, but she doesn’t speak it (and is not very good at it when she does, lol). they probably mostly communicated with translators and broken English. she’s one lucky girl! x3

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